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For the curious, adventurers, innovators and for those who wish to be inspired


350 fascinating people you'd want to get to know

Half Day Event

11th of June 2017, 13:00 - 20:00

Our Speakers

have prepared a talk on a great variety of topics. They will talk about their great ideas, to inspire us to act.

Experience Corner

A place to try things out and play. Spend the break getting to know others, interact with our sponsors and having fun.

Food and Drinks

Snacks and Drinks included. Try something new and exciting that you might not have had before.



This year’s topic is “Imaginaction” - because we believe that good ideas commit us to act and our actions must be powered by beautiful ideas. Ideas without action stay only dreams, and actions lacking ideas are pointless. So what do we do to turn great ideas into actions and create an impact? Find out and join us at TEDxDonauinsel.

Daring ideas are like chessmen moved forward. They may be beaten, but they may start a winning game.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Imagination does not become great until human beings, given the courage and the strength, use it to create.

Maria Montessori



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Progressive strings Vienna: The respect for the sound of their instruments, as well as a shared passion for creating new sounds, brings two musicians together. Matthias Bartolomey ­‐ Violoncello and Klemens Bittmann ‐ Violine & Mandola

Ivory Parker

As the 4x Austrian Beatbox Champion and the Manager of the international Beatbox Shootout Battle, Ivory is definitely a Pioneer in the Beatboxing Scene. He will give us an insight about the development of the Beatbox Scene, smart ways to learn and to teach Beatboxing and of course his own style of Beatbox.

Acts tedx donauinsel imagin action Ivory Parker

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Tickets Include

  • TEDx live experience
    • Talks of 10 outstanding speakers and several performing acts
  • Snacks and Drinks
    • Snacks and some Drinks are included
  • Experience
    • Look and feel the innovations of the speakers and our partners in our interactive corner
  • Networking
    • Get to know other participants, speakers, hosts & partners
  • Goody Bag
    • Filled with the one or the other surprise


Check-in 13:00
Start and Welcome 14:00
First Session 14:30
Break 15:30
Second Session 16:00
Break & Dinner 17:20
Third Session 18:30
After Drinks 20:30

Early Bird Tickets

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Reduced 29 EUR
Regular 39 EUR

Regular Tickets

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Reduced 39 EUR
Regular 49 EUR

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Our location the 'Donauhof' is located right next to the Danube at Engerthstr. 141, 1020 Vienna. It is a very special location for us and as of 2017 the new home of TEDxDonauinsel.


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