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For the curious, adventurers, innovators,…


250 inspiring people from speakers to visitors.

Halfday Event

12th of June 2016, from 13:00 to 21:00.

10 Speakers

As various the topics, so the speakers.

Experience Corners

A place to try things out and play.

Food & Drinks

Snacks and dinner from Austria to Syria.



Each and every day we all make about 20.000 decisions. Those decisions don´t necessarily change our lives dramatically, though our lives are constructs of the little choices we make every day. Thinking back we find that our lives could have run differently, if we decided on walking different paths by making different choices.

Each of our speakers was at that crossroad, consciously choosing to walk a different path. Those conscious choices can simply make our world a better place.

"Make your choice, adventurous Stranger, strike the bell and bide the danger,
or wonder, till it drives you mad, what would have followed if you had..."

C.S. Lewis


Raphael Silva

Raphael Silva is a software engineer. He always thinking of ways to change people’s lives, pushing his limits to create meaningful projects through the use of technology.

Julian Pöschl

Julian Pöschl lives and works as an event engineer and photographer in Vienna. As one of the founders of Train of Hope he engaged in the initial volunteering effort to help refugees at Vienna’s main station.

Michelle Serna

Born in California, Michelle is an 18 year old activist and non-apologist. In 2013 she served as Miss California High School Rodeo Association, and has since used her experiences as a way to advocate for body positivity.

David Witzeneder

David studied agronomy in Vienna. He is fully passionate with the topic vermicomposting and founded a company where he produces fancy wooden vermicompost-boxes for indoor use.

Cornelia Diesenreiter

In England Cornelia fell in love with the concept of zero waste, especially concering food waste. When she came back to Austria she realized that the concept was not established which is why she finally founded Unverschwendet.

Bettina Steinbrugger & Annemarie Harant

Bettina worked as a project manager for Austrias leading platform for Corporate Social Responsibility. With that experience, she founded erdbeerwoche together with Annemarie.

Joana Reiterer

Joana Reiterer has been working to prevent human trafficking in the past 10 years. Recently she has launched a social business model that would redesign the cashflow in the textile industry and beyond, giving vulnerable people more value and income.

Dimitrij Turaev

Born in St. Petersburg, Russia Dimitrji moved towards bioinformatics and did his PhD at the Computational Systems Division of the University of Vienna. There he worked on the exciting dataset of a millennia-old mummy, offering a view into the Neolithic Europe.

Alma Zadic

Alma is a lawyer and advises clients on multi-jurisdictional international arbitration cases, and on cybercrime issues. She spent some time at the Int. Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia, where those responsible for genocide and crimes against humanity in the region were brought to justice.

Dr. Jama Nateqi

Jama Nateqi is a medical doctor and co-founder of SYMPTOMA.com, a search engine for diseases. He started as an entrepreneur in 1999 at the age of 16 and co-founded with Thomas Lutz since 2002 several successful businesses attracting 0.5 billion visitors to their websites.


Moritz Gabriel

Singer & Songwriter

We will enjoy Moritz´ Piano Performance


Newcomer Band

guitarist Richard Oliver Gillissen, singer Florian Ragendorfer and pianist Benjamin Zumpfe


What you can expect:

13:00 Check-in


14:00 Start & Welcome


14:15 First Session:

Cornelia Diesenreiter |Raphael Silva |David Witzeneder |Bettina Steinbrugger & Annemarie Harant


15:30 Break


16:00 Second Session:

Alma Zadic |Julian Pöschl

Music: Moritz Gabriel

Joana Adesuwa Reiterer


17:20 Break


18:00 Third Session:

Dimitrij Turaev |Jama Nateqi | Michelle Serna

Music: Flowrag


19:30 Buffet & After Drinks


Your ticket includes:


  • TEDx live experience
    Talks of 10 outstanding speakers and several performing acts
  • Food and Drinks
    Next to snacks in the breaks we end our event with a huge Syrian & Austrian buffet
  • Experience
    Look and feel the innovations of the speakers and our partners in our interactive corner
  • Networking
    Get to know other participants, speakers, hosts & partners
  • Designer Goody Bag
    Filled with the one or the other surprise
  • Entrance to the After Party
    Oh yeah


Sansibar (Sunken City), Donauinsel 1, 1220 Wien

Floating on the Danube river, the Bar | Lounge | Club “Sansibar” is a very special location for us and 2016 again the home of TEDxDonauinsel.

Sansibar on Facebook


Mathias Haas


Tim Noldin


Matthias Klementschitsch

Speaker Support

Sandra Herbsthofer

Marketing & PR

Selin Öker

Social Media

Michael Casera

Finance & Sponsorship

Eglé Kruliauskaité


Daniel Azomji

Social Media

Paolo Bovio

Social Media


You have a tough choice to make? Send us your story and receive a funny answer where we´ll try to help you taking a decision.

(For serious requests please consider calling “Rat auf Draht” Tel. 147 or visit http://www.rataufdraht.at)

+ 43 664 7500 3960
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