This year’s speakers – passionate explorers of our world

Christoph Bauer
Christoph BauerSpeaker

How to prepare for the second industrial revolution. When humans meet the machines.

Social Media expert and management consultant Christoph Bauer helps organizations to become fit for the digital age. His passion is the idea of a truly social business, a new structure which allows a more human touch in our work lives. Why is that important?

When many work processes will be run by robots in the future, people will explore completely new challenges in their professional lives. But what skills should young workers bring to the table if they want to thrive in the jobs of the future? If they want to work with robotics and data-based decision making? At TEDxDonauinsel, Christoph will talk about what skills set us apart from the machines.

Natalie Haas
Natalie HaasSpeaker

How we reach not only integration, but also inclusion and see refugees not as a problem but as a gift

The 19-year-old student initiated a very rare and exemplary movement in Austria recently. Natalie, passionate about life and exploring the diversity of the world, was always keen to help people to understand and learn appreciation and empathy. When 35 refugees from all over the world arrived in her village in Salzburg, she and the locals managed not only to help the refugees, but truly include them in their community.

At TEDxDonauinsel, Natalie will talk about what they did, how precious and enriching it was to welcome the refugees and how any community can get the best out of a situation like this.

Emma Holten
Emma HoltenSpeaker

How we can create consent on the internet

At 17, Emma Holten became a victim of “revenge porn”: Someone hacked into her mail-account and published private nude pictures of her online. This was followed by several years of online and offline harassments by men. Until the young danish journalist fought back in a very unusual and impressive way. She gained widespread success with her project CONSENT, which led her to multiple talks and interviews all around the world concerning her passion, feminism and online human rights. At TEDxDonauinsel, the activist will talk about the Internet and democracy. About how we can facilitate a democratic, equal and free internet for every individual which doesn’t reproduce structures of oppression.

Gregor Schmidinger
Gregor SchmidingerSpeaker

How to become a Sex God

What should sexuality really be? With this question in mind, the austrian artist and filmmaker Gregor Schmidinger started writing a blog named „The Sex God Project“. The former student of Screenwriting at the University of California is passionate about questioning our reality. Therefore, in his blog, he reframes how we perceive and approach sexuality. Leading towards a conscious approach of sexuality that is free of guilt, shame and supported by self-determination, he transforms sexuality from a means of escapism to a way of intimately connecting with another being and reconnecting with oneself. At TEDxDonauinsel, Gregor will tell us about his personal journey of exploration that started with online pornography and anxiety and ends with finding God and the meaning of life.

Mikkel Cantzler Christensen
Mikkel Cantzler ChristensenSpeaker

The Slum Challenge: Bringing the slum at eye level to teenagers.

Video journalist Mikkel Christensen produces films between documentation and fiction. The danish 28-year-old aims to tell meaningful stories through the lense of the camera and to create renewed interest in harsh realities. He will talk about his most recent project: „The Slum Challenge“ is a documentary about life in slum areas with an interactive plot, filmed in point of view through the eyes of a Filipino boy. Using gamification, the viewer decides what will happen next by selecting between options from time to time. Mikkel will talk about how this project litteraly brings the slum at eye level to teens between 13 and 18 and makes them explore themselves the consequences for young people who grow up in slums.

Leah Cheung
Leah CheungSpeaker

How to turn unpleasant cultural shocks into inter-cultural understanding

This young researcher from Hong Kong moved to Germany and learned what most of us don’t know: Europe can be culturally shocking as well! After a lot of anthropologic fieldwork in China, she is now pursuing her doctoral degree at the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropoloy. Luckily, travelling and discovering different cultures is Leäh’s greatest passion. This is why at TEDxDonauinsel, she will talk about her personal experiences and observations and the methods she found to turn something negative and unpleasant like cultural shock into an opportunity to promote understanding between different cultures. 

Edward Druce
Edward DruceSpeaker

How to Land Your Dream Job with One Email

Edward dropped out of school at 17 to apprentice under Matthew Hussey, TV personality and New York Times Bestselling author. He assisted Matthew in growing the world-renowned organisation “Get the Guy” – managing live events for tens of thousands of people, producing videos seen by millions and leading numerous successful product launches. Soon, his first book will be published, treating the same topic he will be talking about at TEDxDonauinsel. Edward’s experience taught him: Who you work with is as important as what you do. This is why he is passionate to help young people land work positions with people who inspire them. In his talk, Edward will lay out a step-by-step roadmap that people can follow to select and make contact with someone who inspires them and that they would like to work with.

Rita Huber
Rita HuberSpeaker

How to change food delivery services for the better

After plenty of jobs in the fields of culture, arts, press and communication, Rita Huber from Salzburg decided to focus on a different passion: Great food. Even though she never officially learned how to cook, she founded a culinary start-up. „Rita bringt’s“ is Vienna’s food delivery service of the future – only biological, vegetarian and regional products are used in Rita’s kitchen. All meals, mostly ordered by offices, are delivered to the costumers by bike. At TEDxDonauinsel, Rita will talk about how to provide office employees with great food and, at the same time, consciousness for natural ressources.

Thato Kgatlhanye
Thato KgatlhanyeSpeaker

The simplest changes often have the biggest output. This young woman from South Africa founded a project of this kind: She produces schoolbags from recycled plastics which also collect light with a small solar panel. The panel then allows the children to study by night.

Karim<b> </b>El-Gawhary
Karim El-GawharySpeaker

The half German, half Egyptian Mideast-correspondent and journalist has a lot of impressive stories to tell. At TEDxDonauinsel, he will tell stories of young refugees and talk about how important young people are in the change process of the Middle East.