Idea Couch #1 with Alma Zadić

Idea Couch #1 with Alma Zadić

This episode is the first episode of our upcoming Idea Couch series, a new TEDxDonauinsel online format produced in cooperation with the Global Shapers Vienna Hub, where we reach out to inspiring individuals for an insightful conversation. Literally, ideas. on. a. couch.

When we invited Alma at TEDxDonauinsel’s 2016 event, she was an international lawyer focusing on international arbitration, human rights and international law. She spoke about the role identity plays in helping immigrants become part of the new society they join. As a Bosian War refugee, Alma would question how identifying with one’s country of origin could prevent from successfully integrating in a new culture.

Last January, it was to our delight that Alma was appointed Minister of Justice in Austria. Sadly, she faced an unprecedented wave of hate — and then solidarity — and then had to face the extraordinary situation that is Covid-19.

In the spirit of finding out about how her first few months as a Minister went, we sad down (through Zoom!) in the middle of the lockdown to talk with Alma. Watch the conversation below.

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